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Hey, welcome to the forums, we go to the club when we can, so we can give you some insights 😁

The club q and a is a good read and will give you some of the basics. Let the staff know you are new when you arrive and they will show you around and give you a quick tour and explain where everything is.

The club is very busy and is split in to upstairs and downstairs, upstairs is dress down so most guys wear a towel and the ladies wear either lingerie or their towel. Downstairs / bar you can wear what you like so there is no pressure.

There are several different play rooms / areas where you will see different play going, there is a couples room and glory hole’s and lots of things inbetween.

No always means no, so as you get different attention through the night if you are not wanting to play a polite no should be enough to let that person know. On the other hand a polite yes can lead to a lot of fun 😅

There are a good mix of all different ages, colours, creeds and genders. Single females can be a lot harder to find however as they tend to be in lower numbers than couples / single men.

You are best as a couple going with an idea of what you would both like out of the night. Then relaxing and seeing where the night takes you.

If you would like any more info please let us know or drop a message to the staff or owners 😁



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