28/08/2021 - 29/08/2021    
8:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Club Play
Back Ribble Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4AD

 The world-famous BIG Bi Play All-inclusive Party is back!


This is Club Plays most famous event that we hold only a few times a year and not to be missed if you are Bi xxx

It’s a FREE bar All Evening while you are at the party, Meaning once the Entrance fee is paid your drinks are FREE!

We know most of the guests personally or checked their verifications as Bi-Sexual or Bi-curious, unlike most club Bi nights!! Each guest is a Fab site supporter or Photo verified by Fab or a Bi member of Club Play that has been Verified by at least two other Bi-sexual or Bi-curious Fab users unless we know them personally and know for a fact they are GENUINELY Bi-Sexual or Bi-Curious. The two Bi-Sexual verifications can come either from Bi-singles or Bi-couples to count.

Thanks To All Those Lovely Sexy 149 Bi-Sexual People Who Attended our Last big Bi-Party ‘ Bi burlesque Party ‘ in Blackpool @ Club Sx (old club name, now Club Play) Read all the awesome club reviews from our Bi-Party!! WOW & WE DO MEAN WOW!! It was Such An incredible Night even if it was so long ago now but…. we are back and ready for BI PLAY!! ARE YOU??

NO MEANS NO !! We ALWAYS have door & bar staff to ensure people’s safety on the night. The only thing you need to attend one of our bi parties is that you are Bi-Sexual or Bi-curious Xx

As you can see we have gone to great lengths to make sure all our guests feel comfortable in a secure safe none judgmental environment with other truly like-minded GENUINE Bi-sexual/Bi-curious people.

This party starts at 8.00 pm but turns up when you are ready, and ends when the last guests Leave but the bar will shut for alcoholic drinks at 3.00 am.

Included in the party price will be all your alcoholic drinks and soft drinks for the evening with a quality Home Cooked buffet (think wedding buffet with sweets) served to you by our resident Bar staff (love)

Party Entrance Price –




Bi TV’s TS’s & TRANS – £20

BE WARNED – This event is covered by LGBT solicitors (This is a warning to all those bigoted idiots that send us abusive emails

This Event is Just for GENUINE Bi-couples, Bi-males & Bi-females & TV’s & TS’s of course that also includes Bi-Curious & Gay single & couples all welcome.

This party will be hosted by Club Play Dawn & Paul With the help of our very brilliant Resident bar staff & volunteers!

Please Note – We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we feel is d*unk on arrival or to limit their drinks if we think they have drunk too much.

Bar Stocked With –

Burlesque Punch

Prosecco, White, Red & Rose Wine

Vodka (Branded not Cheap)

Bacardi (Real Stuff not cheap)

Gin (Branded not Cheap)

Whisky (Branded not Cheap)

Quality Lager’s Usually – Budweiser, Stella, Carlsberg, etc (Lager’s can change party to party)

Soft Drink – Coke (Real Stuff), Lemonade, Tonic Water- Diet & Full sugar in all soft drinks & assorted cans like Fanta, 7up, etc

Orange juice & Bottled water.

The guest List is looking amazing already with lots of very sexy GENUINE Bi-Sexual People pre-booking Xx VERY IMPORTANT ALL THE GUEST ARE 100% CHECKED AS BISEXUAL Xx We know most of the guests personally or checked them and their verification’s as Bi-sexual unlike on a club Bi night!! Each guest is a Fab site supporter or Photo verified by Fab or we know them personally or a member of club play.

Temporary club Play safety guidelines
Help us to Help you!

Club Play – Covid-19
For the minute it’s a simple temperature check to come to Club Play or show the Covid App.

We will be temperature checking everyone anyway so in effect it’s JUST a temperature check to get into Club Play.

If the government changes the rules again we will not take any responsibility for this.

To add your name/names to the guest list please leave a comment below and if you are a Club Play member or message us from your club profile or from the contact form on our website or ring the club when we are open xxx

Paul ;-) & Dawn $-)


  1. Shell

    August 9, 2021 at 6:58 pm

    This looks tempting ;-)

  2. Renee.Kev

    August 9, 2021 at 11:35 pm


    We haven’t been to a club play event before and have only just joined the site. We are interested in coming to this event, is there still space available and is there anything we have to do to get added to the guest list.

    Thank you xx

    • Club Play

      August 10, 2021 at 7:24 am

      We will add you to the guest list & look forward to meeting you then 😀 xxx

  3. CurvaceousAnnie

    August 11, 2021 at 11:54 am

    can I please be added thank you
    Anna x

  4. Geordieb8

    August 13, 2021 at 1:10 am

    Can you add me for this pls? i am sure I was at one a couple of years ago, xx

  5. Pussydelight2018

    August 15, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    Would love for this event to be our introduction to Club Play. Could you squeeze a couple of little uns in please?!

    Many thanks,


  6. BespokeTrash

    August 17, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    looking forward to this so much xx :yahoo:

  7. adyb66

    August 18, 2021 at 11:48 pm

    Hey there only just joined and will be in Blackpool for the weekend and luck may have it this event is on wow !!have a fab account on both may i attend pls :yahoo:

  8. Happycup

    August 21, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    Can’t wait to attend so looking forward to this :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. Dreamcatchers

    August 22, 2021 at 12:40 am

    Hi could you add us to the guest list please

  10. hornyboy123

    August 22, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    Hope to come to one of your bi nights soon . Ive met 3 bi couples in private but am a little nervous attending a clh scene .

    • Club Play

      August 23, 2021 at 12:02 am

      The next bi party is the 28th, would you like adding to guest list & sure you will be fine?

  11. jamescolwynbay

    August 23, 2021 at 1:01 am

    Hi, can you add me to the guest list for what looks like an amazing night please.

  12. Horny guy 54

    August 23, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Could I be added to the guest list for this event pls bi guy , have attended club play before lockdown

  13. Lip gloss and stockings

    August 23, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    Hi could i be added to the guest list for this event please bi male , have used club play/xs before lockdown

  14. Renee.Kev

    August 23, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    Hi just a few questions before this weekends bi event . can we pay on the door? is there any type of etiquette that is used? we were hoping to get some suggestions on what to wear as it is our first visit . newbie nerves I guess lol . thanks in advance . look forward to meeting you all on the night xxx

    • Club Play

      August 23, 2021 at 7:59 pm

      Hi, Guys x

      Yes just pay cash at the door and on arrival, we will give you a full tour and explain everything x

      As for clothes, smart casual for the men as if going to any bar or club and sexy dress or outfit for the women, most bring a bag to put into there lockers with bit and piece or dress down clothes or underwear for later in the evening if you want to go upstairs to watch or play.

      You will be fine and we will look after you xxx

      Paul & Dawn

      • Renee.Kev

        August 24, 2021 at 12:21 pm

        Thank you for your help. We are both really excited and apprehensive, can not wait to meet everyone and to see the venue. xxx

        • Club Play

          August 24, 2021 at 12:49 pm

          Hi, we also look forward to meeting you and showing you around :yahoo:

  15. BespokeTrash

    August 23, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Hey, just had to cancel my plans for coming saturday :(((((
    can you tell me when the next one will be roughly?

    • Club Play

      August 23, 2021 at 9:37 pm

      NO problems & Life happens xxx

      We don’t do them very often & next one is probably November xxx

  16. Paddy

    August 24, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    Can you please add me if there is any space left for me. Really hope to attend the night with you all xx

  17. Paddy

    August 24, 2021 at 1:13 pm

    Can you please add me if there is any space left for me. Really hope to attend the night with you all xx :bye:

  18. Omega kai

    August 24, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    May I please put my name down, last one my paint was amazing thankyou lauren

  19. BecNdave

    August 26, 2021 at 1:42 am

    Hey, we are very interested in this even, how do we get onto the guest list? X

    • Club Play

      August 26, 2021 at 1:45 am

      Hi, Guys we will add you to the guest list and look forward to seeing you on Saturday xxx :yahoo:

      • BecNdave

        August 26, 2021 at 1:52 am

        Fantastic thank you. Dave has been before but I am a complete newbie to clubs.

        I’m a bbw and a bit nervous 😬 xx

        • Club Play

          August 26, 2021 at 1:57 am

          You will be totally fine and we will look after you and have a fair few BBW ladies attending on Saturday night ;-)

    • BecNdave

      August 26, 2021 at 1:50 am

      Sorry, got over excited then. I meant event lol.

      Also, we both have single and a couples fab account with verifications. X

  20. Boo

    August 26, 2021 at 3:33 am

    Am going to be attending with my kinky toys and fuck saw

  21. Danni and Ric

    August 26, 2021 at 11:39 am

    We cant wait for bi night :yahoo:

  22. Jemma Kimberley

    August 28, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    Message in fab forum I’d love to attend tonight I’d you have room xx

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