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    Thought I’d start the posts off in here and see how it goes…

    I’ve known I’m bi for a long time, but have only really started experimenting in the last year or so. I’ve had some fun with guys one-on-one and in an MMM, but what I’d really love is a bi MMF. I love the idea of being taken while licking a woman’s pussy, or taking it in turns with her to suck the other guy’s cock, as well as the normal MMF things. I’d love to try this sometime and hopefully I can meet some people at the club to try it.

    Anybody done this and have any stories to share? Any bi MF couples looking for a third? ;-)

    Jason Mackinnon

    I have had quite a few bisexual experiences, and more than a few male only experiences, and I loved them all. The best is always with both men and women, and being sandwiched between a man and a woman: Him fucking me as I fuck her, is amazing.

    One all male experience I had, that was perfect, was being locked in a set of stocks as I was fucked by multiple guys. Not sure how many there were, but I know at least fifteen guys enjoyed my ass, most more than once, and a few enjoyed my mouth. I guess I’m just a greedy guy. Lol.

    Good times.

    I’m off to Club Play on the 23rd for their Friday opening night; I’ll be the one dressed as a cowboy (Cowboy hat, long coat, waistcoat, chaps, and boots). I love the wild west.


    Being sandwiched like that would be fun too. It’s been a fantasy of mine for ages so hopefully I’ll be able to meet the right people to make it happen.

    That stocks experience sounds hot! I’ve not done anything quite like that but I’ve had a couple where I’ve sucked two or three guys one after another. A bit vanilla compared to yours but it was a lot of fun, haha.

    Sadly I’m not going to make it on the 23rd but I’m going to come down as soon as I can. Maybe if you’re down the same night we can have a chat and you can help me navigate things – clubs are still very new to me, haha!

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