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    Lilleth’s Peacock Party!
    Let your true colours show!

    Friday 6th July at Club Play

    Dark pleasures and twisted delights await.

    This Event is for those who love their kink play of all kinds.

    BDSM? Yes please!
    Impact/spanking – who doesn’t like a little spanky??
    Rope play- tie em up/down and all around! Strap on play bend over and take it like a man!
    Bondage – straps, chains, cuffs, spreader bars…I could go on….
    Sexual kink – fucksaws, orgasm control, forced
    orgasm, tied to please.
    Dom/sub-Dominance play. Obedient and not so obedient subs!
    Leather – we like it…. oh yes!
    Rubber/Latex – shiny!!
    Pet play – bring your collars, bits, ears, tails. All

    All forms of fetish and kink play

    Please note. Sex and nudity are accepted and expected at this event. We are all about getting our kink on and let’s face it, if it turns is on then there’s no reason we can’t fulfill our desires.

    As long as it’s safe and consenting it’s all good.

    Come unleash those freaky sides and enjoy the darker joys that kink play has to offer.

    All welcome! Males, Couple, Females, Trans, EVERYONE!!

    As always, you can expect the fine hospitality you have come to know and enjoy from Club Play. A buffet will be provided during the evening to keep your energy levels topped up.

    We have the Stage, Couples Playroom, Gang Bang Room, Medical Room, Dungeon, Kinky Playroom, Voyer Room and private playrooms to cater for all your fantasies. Female glory holes are included in the 19 rooms and of course the wet area with Hot Tub & Sauna for winding down.

    As per all club nights the standard rule of NO
    means NO will apply and breaking of this rule will not be tolerated.

    This is a bring your own alcohol event just purchase soft drinks at the bar.
    Cost of this event –
    £25 Couples
    £25 Single Guys
    £10 Single Females
    £10 TV’s

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    Jason Mackinnon

    Definitely be coming to this event. Hopefully there is a set of stocks handy. If not I’ll just have to improvise.


    I’m very interested in attending. I’m a newbie do I have to get on a list? I was hoping to gobto the opening weekend events but not sure if I’m on the list?

    Jason Mackinnon

    If I was in charge of the lists I’d definitely add you, Holly.


    Has this been re-scheduled?


    I Know that the club re-open 23rd July Friday :yahoo:

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